Welcome to Bayview Farm

Located between Kei Mouth and Morgans Bay, this hidden gem is a restaurant, bar and an all year round event hire venue.

Who We Are

Intrigued as to how an old-style Cape Dutch house ended up abandoned in our overgrown Eastern Cape landscape, we thought we would take a look.

Astounded by her beauty and ever-strong foundations, her potential could no longer be overlooked.

Thus, the journey of her transformation began, beginning with the ummms and ahhh of which direction to take, to the construction, the final details, and the opening of her doors.

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Where We Came From

Take a look at where we came from, how far we've come and where we are going here at Bayview Farm


Locally Sourced and Locally Brewed

What you can expect from our kitchen

Bayview Farm's kitchen is run by a tight-knit crew, our authentically trained chefs produce delicious Italian dishes using locally sourced ingredients and the ingredients from our lovingly tended herb and vegetable garden.

We are also proud of our locally brewed wines and beers served ice cold on tap.


Accommodation for fifty people with the hire of the venue

Bayview Farm's beautiful expansive venue makes a great spot to tie the knot.
With its luscious greenery to set the scene and indoor venue space to transform to your liking, it is the perfect spot for a young couple or a couple of friends wanting to celebrate a momentous occasion. 
There will be no need to worry about accommodation, our venue can host your extensive family and friends.

Morgans Bay


Opening Hours

Dine In or Take Away

Open: Thursday 5pm - Sunday 5 pm


Contact Us

Corner Kei Mouth and Morgan Bay Road

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